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Welcome to The Village Children and Family Services, LLC.

The Village Children and Family Services, LLC (hereinafter referred to as VCFS) is a company founded on the desire to provide individuals residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia with quality mental health supportive services. VCFS provides in-home mental health services to both men and women between the ages of twenty-one (21) and sixty-five (65).

Individuals receiving services from VCFS are assigned a specialized counselor who works closely with the client to develop an Individualized Services Plan (often referred to as an ISP).

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Supportative Services

Supportative ServicesVCFS counselors provide training, support, and assistance to clients with managing and complying with medication regiment(s), accessing community resources, learning basic life and independent living skills, acquiring appropriate social skills, minimizing social isolation, and gaining personal autonomy.

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Human Rights

News and EventsWould you like to advocates or
represent individuals who suffer
from Mental Illness?

Sign up to become a member of
your Local Human Rights Committee.

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Career Opportunities

News and EventsOne out of every 17 adults lives with mental illness (NAMI). Are you looking for a career where you can positively impact the lives of individuals suffering from Mental Illness? The Village Children and Family Service is seeking dedicated individuals to join our team.

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