About Us

About Us

The Village Children and Family Services, LLC (hereinafter referred to as VCFS) is a company founded on the desire to provide individuals residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia with quality mental health supportive services. VCFS provides in-home mental health services to both men and women between the ages of twenty-one (21) and sixty-five (65).

Individuals receiving services from VCFS are assigned a specialized counselor who works closely with the client to develop an Individualized Services Plan (often referred to as an ISP). The ISP is tailored to address the client’s specific and unique needs. VCFS counselors provide training, support, and assistance to clients with managing and complying with medication regiment(s), accessing community resources, learning basic life and independent living skills, acquiring appropriate social skills, minimizing social isolation, and gaining personal autonomy.

Mission Statement:

To provide supportive in-home services to individuals and their families with the goal to address and provide services designed to empower those individuals and families allowing them to develop and lead healthier lives.

Program Description:

The Village Children and Family Services, LLC provides direct supportive in-home services to individuals between the ages of 21 and 65 who are at risk of hospitalization, homelessness or social isolation due to mental, behavioral, or emotional illness with significant functional limitations. The primary goal of this program is to preserve the family unit and prevent the unnecessary placement of the individual outside of their homes and/or their home community.

Our Core Principles:

  • Families are the primary resource and decision-makers for their family members.
  • Services are built around family preferences, choices, values and individual strengths.
  • Services are built around the natural support system of the family and community.
  • Services are appropriate based on culture and age appropriateness.

Our Staff:

Our staff is comprised of professional Bachelor and Master’s level counselors with extensive work experience in Mental Health and other Human Services fields. Our expertise allows us to provide comprehensive intervention services to help participants succeed in reaching their personal goals. We offer the highest quality of care to meet the Individualized Service Plan (ISP) goals and objectives of our clients.

Professional License:

The Village Children and Family Services, LLC is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services.

Regardless to race, religion, national origin, sex or cultural differences, VCFS is here to service your needs.