Mental Health Services

Human Rights

Source: Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services

The Office of Human Rights was established to protect the rights of Individuals receiving services.  Individuals receiving services are guaranteed to:

  • Retain his legal rights as provided by state and federal law;
  • Receive treatment in a manner that he/she is capable of understanding;
  • Be treated with dignity as a human being and be free from abuse and neglect;
  • Not be the subject of experimental or investigational research without prior written and informed consent or that of the authorized representative.
  • Be treated under the least restrictive conditions consistent with his condition and not be subjected to unnecessary physical restraint or isolation;
  • Be allowed to send and receive sealed letter mail;
  • Have access to his/her medical and mental records and be assured of their confidentiality;
  • Have the right to an impartial review of violations of the rights assured under section 37.2-400 and the right to access legal counsel; and
  • Be afforded the appropriate opportunities… to participate in the development and implementation of his individualized service plan.

Chesterfield Local Human Rights Committee

Local Human Rights Committees (LHRCs) are committees of community volunteers who broadly represent various professional and consumer interests. LHRCs play a vital role in the Department’s human rights program, serving as an external component of the human rights system. LHRCs review consumer complaints not resolved at the program level; review and make recommendations concerning variances to the regulations; review program policies, procedures and practices and make recommendations for change; conduct investigations; and review restrictive programming.

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